Best Wireless Guitar Systems

The Best Wireless Guitar Systems Reviewed

Wireless guitar systems perform all the same functions as a cabled connection to an amp,
but just without the need for a cable. They utilize a transmitter that is attached to the guitar
and a receiver that is attached to the amp. The signal from the guitar is sent wirelessly to
the amp without any physical cables getting in the way of the performer. These devices
allow for quicker start-up times and more flexibility for the musician.

When these products first hit the market, there was skepticism as to whether they would
reliably work, but the technology has steadily improved and now these convenient devices
are becoming more and more popular.

Below are reviews for three very popular units from top brands to give you an idea of the products that are out there and the complaints and praises that are
attributed to them.

1. Shure GLXD14 Digital Wireless Guitar System

This system has an operating range from 20-30m with impeccable sound quality. The system
includes all the basics, and there are a number of additional accessories that are available
such as rechargeable batteries that can help the system to run even better.

It comes with one reusable battery to start which musicians are very pleased with because
wireless systems tend to use batteries very quickly. Reviews state that the system is
designed very well with everything being made from quality materials. Set up is extremely
quick and easy, as the transmitter and receiver link up automatically when both are turned
on. One thing that should be watched out for is that nearby Wi-Fi signals may interfere with
the system’s connection but this is a minor issue. It is a very solid system that works well for
home and performance usage.

This product is durable, making it acceptable for usage at on the road gigs with excessive
traveling. This model is the most expensive of the three but many who have bought it say
that it is worth the extra money and they are quite happy with their purchase.
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2. Line 6 Relay G10 Wireless Guitar System

This particular model has been described as having no adverse sound changes and being
very easy to use. The biggest complaint has been the USB micro power supply slot being too
flimsy and easily breaking off. This power supply cable is not built into the adapter making it
stick out longer than many other systems adding to these problems. Many customers have
described it as being a perfect system besides these power issues.

The sound quality is high and the system overall is well made and highly functional. It works
very well for at home use where it is just plugged into one location and does not have to be
moved much. In this case, it is unlikely that the power supply will be aggravated so it will
probably work very well.

It is not as suited for use at gigs where it must constantly be plugged, unplugged, and moved
because this will likely cause the power supply to have issues. However, some who have
used it for gigs say that it works decently it just tends to break earlier than would be
expected. This model is in the middle of the price spectrum and the reviews seem to reflect
that. It is a solid system with a few flaws but none that make the system unpurchaseable.

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3. Nady DKW-3 GT VHF Wireless Guitar System

This system is very inexpensive, easy to use, and very lightweight. It is said to be the best
system for its price. This system is fairly reliable, but if it is going to be used excessively, then musicians may want to look elsewhere. The biggest complaint made against it has been the
belt clip is not very strong. It is not made of the sturdiest material and tends to break or not
reliably hold the transmitter in place. However, most users remedy this easily with duct tape
or keeping the transmitter in their pocket. That is a minor component of the system and
everything else has been said to work beautifully.

This system is very basic and gets the job done at a basic level. This model is the most
inexpensive of the three discussed by far. However, many users say it is a great value for
how much is being spent. It is just not a great purchase for professionals who need
something exceptionally reliable. However, if you are just looking for an inexpensive option
to get cords out of your life this is a great option.

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offerings can be compared and contrasted with many different systems in addition to the
ones mentioned. Check the prices and reviews more extensively on Amazon so that you can
be sure you are purchasing the best system for your individual needs.

Whatever system you end up purchasing, it is imperative that you know that pros and cons
of that particular device so that you don’t end up purchasing something that is unnecessary
for you. Good luck finding the wireless guitar system that will finally put your jumbled cord
woes to rest. After you buy one of these amazing systems you will never want to go back to
hours of detangling cords.