Wagon Wheel Chords

Here you can find how to play wagon wheel by Darius Rucker.

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Video Lesson

Here’s a great video lesson about this song. Watch how he shows you how to play it an easier way than switching to the “correct” form of the chord – It’s a shortcut!


YouTube Video

The official youtube video for this song!

3 thoughts on “Wagon Wheel Chords

  1. Hey, what a surprise. Just found you because of “Wagon Wheel” a song a friend brought up a while ago and I just heard on radio by Darius Rucker. When you went into your devotion that was so cool. A friend and I do Christian music at open mike venues as our way of being the salt and light . He even wrote a song about it.

    So thank you for your ministry and your music instruction.


  2. Great song Darius. Was looking for the second riff tab, I end up half the time picking the violin riff.

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