Rockstar Tomorrow Review

Rockstar Tomorrow Online Course Review

What Exactly Is It?

Rockstar Tomorrow is an online guitar learning course for guitarists that get “stuck” playing guitar. In the course, the instructor breaks down:

  • Why most people fail to ever really learn guitar
  • How a simple trick can skyrocket your learning
  • How to breakdown popular music into a  formula that can be replicated – making guitar 50x easier to learn
  • How to start playing by ear
  • How to use this knowledge to make your own music

The course has a really interesting way of looking at how to play guitar.  It starts at the beginning and breaks it down very simply:


Most people get started playing guitar, then struggle and eventually stop

The most fun you can have playing guitar is when you start learning how to play songs. These can be songs of your favorite artist, or they can be songs you made up.

People struggle at different points. For beginners, it’s really hard to learn chords because they don’t have the finger strength.

For others, they learn a handful of songs that they just play over and over and eventually get bored with.

Why is learning guitar so easy for some, and so hard for others?

There are some guitarists that seem to just be able to pick up a guitar and play anything they want and others that struggle.

You can get people past this hump by showing them a secret to learning guitar.

What is the real secret to learning guitar FAST?

The real secret to learning guitar and learning 100s of songs, and being able to play by ear and pick up songs easily, is to FLIP learning on it’s head and hack the guitar.

If you take a look at all the popular music for the last 100+ years, you would notice that the majority of the music out there breaks down into just a few “patterns.” And by “patterns” I mean chord progressions.  It’s true, and it spans every genre – from Rock, to Pop, to Blues & more.

This really is the secret, and it’s so obvious, it’s crazy that no one teaches it like Rockstar Tomorrow does.

Proof that hacking learning the guitar is possible

Here’s an example that they show in the course. Watch the video below and keep an open mind.

You see how these guys took 1 chord progression and turned it into 20+ songs?

That is the power of learning by pattern.

Rockstar Tomorrow flips learning on it’s head and shows you a way to think about learning music that no one else teaches!

Most programs show you how to play song by song, learning very slowly one song at a time. You never get the connection. But when you learn to play by pattern, 3 things start happening.

  1. 1. You instantly get the ability to play hundreds of songs by just learning 1 pattern
  2. Your brain makes a connection so that you can start to play by ear when you hear a song (because you can recognize the pattern)
  3. You are able to start making your own music even easier, because when you want to play something, you know exactly where to go on the guitar.

Patterns are amazing – So how does Rockstar Tomorrow teach this method?

RT breaks down the top 10 patterns of all time and their variations. Just learning these patters will allow you to play 100’s of songs, with these extremely simple progressions.

How It Is Different?

This course is different in a bunch of ways.

  • It’s a completely new way of learning music – Pattern based education
  • It’s not a bunch of theory and fluff – It focuses on getting you RESULTS, the ability to play MANY new songs in the shortest period of time.
  • There are also many lame guitar courses out there. This is not lame – you start learning real songs that you’ll recognize and want to play instantly.

Who is it for

This is great for:

  • Beginners who have a hard time fingering chords
  • Beginners who got stuck
  • Intermediate players who get stuck and say they know how to play guitar but really can only play a handful of songs
  • Aspiring guitarists that want to learn FAST – without complicated theory

What Do You Get?

Rockstar Tomorrow is an online membership site. You get unlimited access for a one time fee. You can log into the site whenever you want and play the videos in HD from your computer, laptop, or iPad.

The Music X Formula
Module 1: 1-2-3 Finger Method
Breaks Down the top 10 patterns, while starting you off with one finger and building on that base. This helps emphasize the “shape” of the pattern, and helps build finger dexterity for beginners.

Module 2: Chord Method
Breaks down again the top 10 patterns, but this time with full hand chords.

Module 3: Pro Tricks
The easiest way to take your playing to the next level. Tricks that all the pros know to add “spice” to your playing. You don’t just want to learn the chords, you want to learn how to sound like a pro.

Module 4: Super Rock
How to get that heavy rock sound, alternate tunings, and how to layer guitars.


Rockstar Tomorrow is a great program that’s very different from what’s out there. It really has a fresh approach to learning guitar that no one else out there has, and the value is incredible. It will skyrocket your guitar learning.

Click here to check out Rockstar Tomorrow.