Best Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners

There are a lot of different guitar courses online, but there are a few CLEAR leaders that blow all the other programs out of the water. The courses below all meet that criteria and are top notch. It would be hard to find a course better than the ones listed below.

With that said, they do have their differences and I’ll do my best to explain which ones are best for who. Check out the reviews by clicking the links:

Here are our recommendations for paid courses:

#1 Choice: Guitar Tricks Training

This is our number 1 choice for lessons. The videos are stellar quality, they have an enormous library of tons of different styles, and the price is good. They also have a free trial that you can use before you actually buy. It’s extremely comprehensive so beginners or advanced guitar players can benefit from it.

#2 Choice: JamPlay Lessons

JamPlay is our 2nd choice, and it’s really sweet online course. Similar to Guitar Tricks, this program covers tons of musical styles. The videos are in HD and very well put together. If you look at it from a value perspective, it’s all about what you put into it. You can learn so much from JamPlay, just hop on and start playing! They have lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

#3 Choice: Jamorama Course

This is a great course for beginners, plus they recently re-did the entire thing. They have all new videos with a new instructor, more learning materials. If your an advanced player you’ll want to go with one of the 2 above, but for beginners this one is fantastic. It’s also one of the least expensive courses out there that I’d still recommend.

Free Online Guitar Lessons

There are also some great free resources out there to learn guitar. To be honest, if you want to get serious about playing guitar, you really need to get on a program and get dedicated to it. I see so many people just bounce around watching free videos here and they and never really progress. They learn a few songs but that’s all they end up playing and they don’t get fundamentals because they never followed a program.

With that said, there are still some great free resources out there to learn guitar.

#1 Choice – Justin Guitar

This guy is great. He put together tons of video lessons where you can learn fundamentals and various styles. He covers beginning guitar basics (like how to hold a pick, how to hold the guitar) to learning chords, fingerstyle, scales, lead guitar, pretty much everything. He does sell some courses on his site as well but he had tons of free content which is fantastic.

Tab Resources

Tabs are a way to notate how to play a song on guitar with no music notation. With this method, you can learn all your favorite songs without being able to read music.

Sound Slice is a sweet website where you can play along to youtube videos and it interactively displays the tab. Here’s a great example of a song that’s on youtube that’s tabbed out – The Black Keys on Sound Slice.

Ultimate Guitar
This website has Tabs which show you visually how to play songs without reading music. Basically the best tab site out there. Tons of tabs. Almost everything you can think of.

Where To Buy Guitars & Products

There are lots of great places where you can get guitars at cheap prices. Before you buy a guitar though, I recommend going to a store like Guitar Center and trying them out in person. Guitars can feel different, sound different and after playing the guitar you’ve been thinking about it might change your mind.

While most of the best deals can be found online, some guitar stores can cut you a deal if you ask. For instance, when I was buying my acoustic guitar, I went into the store with $500, which was the maximum that I wanted to spend. I didn’t find any guitars that I really LOVED in that price range, so one of the guys working there started helping me. He pulled off a few guitars that I didn’t really like, but then he pulled one off the shelf that was $800. It was kinda high up and a little hard to reach, so I hadn’t even considered it. I told him that I didn’t want to pay that much, but he just wanted me to play it. I played it and it was awesome, it was the favorite guitar that I played that day. But it was still $800. I told the dude that I would just go think about it and come back later.

I went off, got some lunch, and I really wanted that guitar. However, there was no way that I could possibly pay that much… I seriously only had $500 (which isn’t cheap either!). So I went back to the store and I asked the dude what kind of deal he could give me. He came down on the price to $630 and I was really suprised that he knocked that much off. I had very low hopes of getting it but I thought what the heck, at least I could try.

So I told the guy “look… I really like this guitar and I want to leave with it today. But I literally only have $500 in my pocket. If you can make this work, I will pay in cash right now.” The guy seemed kinda-iffy on the deal, typed some random shit into his computer, and then disappeared in the back for a while. Then he came back out and said “you got it, let’s do it.”

I walked out of that store with a guitar that was on the shelf for $800 for only $500. AND it was a guitar that I had never considered. So there are deals that can be had in the store.

With that said, most stores can’t beat online. I think that was a 1-off that might not happen today (this was about 8 years ago!).

If you’re going to buy a guitar, try it out in the store and then buy it online. A lot of times you can buy online and you don’t have to pay sales tax if they are shipping from a different state.

Check out my recommendations for the best stores.