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Guitar Chord Chart

Guitar chord charts are really helpful to figuring out how to play songs quickly, and for general reference when you’re trying to remember how to play a chord.

Below you’ll find guitar chord charts starting with basic chords in open positions, moving on to more advanced chords.

Major Open Guitar Chords

Minor Open Guitar Chords

Major Barre Chords

Minor Barre Chords


Alternate Guitar Tunings

You can tune your guitar to a chord and play like that as well – Check out this great resource over at the guitar tunings database.

One thought on “Guitar Chord Chart

  1. I was looking for a quick chart to put up in my classroom for my students, thanks for providing that! It is so awesome how simple it is to just plug these shapes in to 90% of tunes on the radio with the right strumming pattern, and end up with a pretty sweet sounding rendition!

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