best stores to buy an electric or acoustic guitar on the internet

The 3 Best Places To Buy A Guitar Online

Are you looking for the best place to buy a new guitar?

There a literally thousands of stores to buy guitars online and it can be hard to chose the best one with the cheapest prices to get the best bang for your buck.

I’m going to break down the top online guitar stores that are my go-to every time I need a new guitar or gear.

I have researched and bought from all of the shops that I listed in this article over the years, so I know where to go and how to find the best deals.

Whether it’s your first Fender electric or your 10th Martin Acoustic, you can find a wide selection at the following stores.

Let’s get into it:

The Best Online Guitar Stores

Why would you want to buy online instead of an actual physical store?

In the past, you really needed to do your research and go to the store to find something good, but that’s simply not the case any more.

In fact, online shopping is driving traditional stores out of business.

The deals online are too good to give up, and most small stores can’t compete.

So now I buy all my gear online vs in an actual store.

Here’s why:

  1. You will 100% get the best deal online:
    You can usually get the best deals because of flash sales and promotions.
  2. You save more on taxes:
    By the time you spend a few hundred or thousand dollars on a guitar, taxes can be a big deal and really increase the price. Depending where you live you can save these taxes by buying online.
  3. Returns are easy:
    Most have in-store returns so you’re safe in case you don’t like your guitar for any reason, or you can even just ship it back!
  4. It’s more convenient:
    You don’t have to go anywhere!

With all that said, let’s get into my top recommendations on where to buy your guitar.

1. Guitar Center

Guitar Center has stores all over the country and it’s where I do most of my in-store shopping. They have a huge selection and good prices on everything too.  I really like their flash deals section for some extra good prices.

If you find your self asking “where can I buy a guitar?” then this is where you want to be.

Guitar Center is the largest music store in the world. You can pretty much get anything there from guitars, to bass, to drums, accessories, pedals, strings, anything you want.

I got one of the best deals of my life at Guitar Center when I picked up my acoustic guitar. They knocked $200 off the price of what I thought it would cost. I would definitely check out Guitar Center. They are pros and they have a huge selection of cheap guitars for sale.

Here are some reasons you should buy your guitars from Guitar Center:

  • Free Shipping (has a few restrictions, so check the website)
  • You can shop online and pick up in your local store
  • You can return gear to your local store for free (as opposed to shipping it back in)
  • They have something called headliner deals. Just click here to check out the headliner deals.

Need A Guitar Center Coupon Code?

Click here to get special deals on guitars from Guitar Ccenter.

2. Musicians Friend

Musician’s Friend has an awesome reputation and is where I bought my first guitar.

They almost always have the best prices and shipping is always free.

Here’s the kicker – No sales tax in most states! When you are spending hundreds or thousands on guitars and gear, it can really add up!

They have really good support and they are a trusted name in the industry. I remember they used to send out catalogs (Now online is where it’s at) and I used to look through them every month that they came in the mail, dreaming of my gear.

My first bass guitar (Fender Jazz Bass) came from Musician’s Friend and I was so happy with it, I bought my amp there too.

Here’s some reasons you should get your guitars from Musicians Friend:

  • Free Shipping with no minimum (some exclusions might apply so check the website)
  • They have something called “Stupid Deals Of The Day” which can save you a bunch of money. Click here to go directly to the page with deals.
  • Lowest price guarantee – Basically they will match any advertised price, and they will even match it after 45 days of the purchase if the price drops! That’s pretty great confidence.
  • Free 2 year warranty – Here’s what they say: Every guitar or bass you purchase (either electric or acoustic, New or Open Box) automatically includes our 2-Year Free Warranty, with two years of protection from manufacturer defects. This is exclusive to Musician’s Friend. Exclusions & limitations may apply.

Need a Musicians Friend Coupon Code?

Click here to get special discounts on Musicians Friend.

3. Amazon

Yes, you can get guitars off of Amazon. Always reliable. A lot of times they even have some of the best prices, you just have to look to see who has the best deal.

One of the reasons I really like Amazon is because it’s so easy to order and usually the shipping is really quick. I order tons of stuff from that site.


These are really my top 3 picks. There are other stores out there but almost no one compares to the reputation that these 3 have for getting new gear, service, and reliability.

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