Best Acoustic Guitars

Guitar quality and prices vary greatly. You can get a $40 guitar or one costing over $10,000. The materials used, build quality, and sound determine the price, and your choice will depend on your budget and desire for quality.

For beginners, it can be difficult to grasp the differences, and that’s why we’ve gone and researched this topic for you. We will outline what to look out for, as well as define the characteristics of a good guitar.

Here, you can find our list of best acoustic guitars and come to understand how to pick the right option for you.

Acoustic guitar buying criteria

Apart from the price, there are several aspects to consider when looking for the best acoustic guitars. These include:

The tone of a guitar is largely determined by the wood, that’s why lumber is important. Inexpensive guitars are made from laminates and the better ones from solid wood delivering superior sound quality.

Most acoustic guitars feature the now renowned dreadnought shape, which is larger than classic acoustic guitars. Most guitarists value the richer sound of a dreadnought guitar.

Playing comfort
Comfort is a major factor when choosing a guitar. Pay attention to how far the strings are from the fret, and how comfortable it is to hold.

The least expensive guitars just won’t produce the same sound quality, with many guitarists emphasizing that you have to spend at least $300 to get a decent-sounding guitar.
Take a look at our 5 best acoustic guitars to find out what’s available.

Fender Acoustic Guitar Bundle

This is a budget guitar for beginners ranking high on the best acoustic guitar list. The only solid wood element of this guitar is the bridge, all other parts are synthetic or made from laminated wood. Nonetheless, the sound emerging from its dreadnought body is decent, at least if you are a beginner. It’s easy to tune and stays in tune for quite some time.
Teenagers will also love this guitar, though it would be too big for a child under 12.
Fender has provided an excellent starter kit here, including a bag, tuner, strap, strings, picks, instructional DVD, and even a polishing cloth.

No doubt, this is one of the best acoustic guitars for beginners.


  • Decent sound despite low price
  • Lots of useful accessories
  • Stays in tune
  • Rosewood bridge


  • Only suitable for beginners
  • Bag is a little flimsy
  • Too large for children under 12

Jameson 979 Acoustic Electric Guitar with Free Gig Bag Case & Picks

Currently priced just below $100, this guitar surprised us with a great sound quality which is comparable to that produced by far more expensive models. The Jameson 979 is available in 6 finishes, with the blue finish available in both right-hand and left-hand configurations.
The body features a cutaway for increased playing comfort, and the high-gloss blue finish undoubtedly looks stylish. This guitar is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned guitarists looking for an inexpensive, decent quality guitar for traveling.

In addition, you can connect this guitar to an amplifier and turn it into an electric guitar.
On purchase, you get a bag and picks, and thanks to the great sound quality, we rank it among the best acoustic guitars.


  • Cutaway for increased playing comfort
  • Stylish high-gloss finish
  • Excellent value for money
  • Great sound quality
  • Doubles up as an electric guitar


  • Smaller than a dreadnought
  • Cutaway may not be to everyone’s liking

Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar

Epiphone have managed to incorporate solid wood in this guitar, while making it available at an exceptional price. This one features a mahogany neck, Select Spruce top (which means a laminate body with a top layer of spruce), and rosewood fingerboard, all of which collaborate to produce amazing sound quality.

The dreadnought body delivers perfect sound quality for a wide variety of music genres, including bluegrass, blues, rock, folk, and country. As the wood ages, the sound quality improves further.
Epiphone guitars set themselves apart with a sloped headstock, also featured in this model. The result: a great looking and sounding guitar and a front runner in the best acoustic guitar race.


  • Mahogany neck, Select Spruce top, and rosewood fingerboard
  • Dreadnought body for great sound quality
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Available in 3 finishes: natural, ebony, vintage sunburst


  • Frequent tuning required

Best Choice Products 41” Acoustic Guitar

Ranking high on our best acoustic guitar list, we have this 41” dreadnought, which is super affordable and ideal for beginners.

This guitar features a classic dreadnought body and delivers decent sound quality thanks to its all-wood construction. The sound is loud and yet smooth and well-defined.

On purchase, you get spare strings, a strap, and a bag for easy transportation. All in all, this is a good choice if you are on a tight budget but still want decent sound quality.


  • All-wood construction
  • Dreadnought body for fuller sounds
  • Maple wood fretting
  • Comes with bag, spare strings, and strap


  • Sound is not to everyone’s liking

Glen Burton GA204BCO Acoustic Electric Guitar

Last but not least, we would like to include this guitar on our best acoustic guitar list. This one comes with a plethora of accessories.

First things first, though. This guitar features a rosewood fingerboard, basswood top and sides, and a catalpa neck and bridge. As a result, the sound quality is adequate. The body features a cutaway for increased playing comfort.

With this set, you get more than you normally do as they’ve included a bag, straps, clip-on tuner, amplifier, strings, and picks. You can use it like a standard acoustic guitar or rock out using the amplifier.


  • Doubles up as an electric guitar
  • Amplifier is included in this set
  • Cutaway
  • Lots of accessories
  • Available in natural (GA204BCO-NT) or black (GA204BCO-BK)


  • Not very durable


Now you have the basic information you need to choose your very own best acoustic guitar. All the guitars featured here are available at low prices, and still produce adequate sound quality. The starter kits are great for beginners and kids.

Our favorite is the Epiphone DR-100 thanks to the superior sound quality and the use of many solid wood elements. This guitar is an exceptional value for money and won’t disappoint even more experienced guitarists.